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A Modern Decameron: Online Story Festival: Ten days, a hundred stories (27th March – 7th April 2020)

What began as a mad Facebook post on (what turned out would be my last, for a time) commute home from Wolverhampton to Sheffield became reality, as professional and new storytellers from across the world generously donated their time, skills and tales to form a festival of modern and ancient tales to rival that of Boccaccio.


27th, 29th, 30th, 31st March

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th April


In Boccaccio’s 14th century story collection, ‘the Decameron’, a group of friends hunkered down in a villa to wait out the plague. They passed the time by telling stories.

Ten characters told a story each over ten days, with one person acting as story monarch for that day.

To bring some light to these similarly lurgy-ridden times, medievalist and storyteller Daisy Black has co-ordinated a modern Decameron of tales. Storytellers old and new from across the world have united to share their tales over a period of ten days.

Over 50 storytellers.

Ten days of ten stories.

A hundred messages of hope and solidarity.


The online story festival will be hosted via our Facebook group:


…or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to access all the stories:


Like Boccaccio’s tellers, we have dutifully included breaks for Sundays and for our tellers to do their chores. Join us on the following days for an epic online storytelling festival which would make Boccaccio’s biggest fanboy, Geoffrey Chaucer, weep with awe.


Can’t wait for us to begin? Check out the original Decameron here: