Medievalist, storymaker, theatre director, folk dance teacher, BBC / AHRC New Generation Thinker


I am an enthusiastic folk dance caller based in Sheffield.  I call for a lot of ceilidhs and barn dances, and enjoy calling for dances for complete beginners as well as more experienced dancers.  Depending on my audience, I tend to mix dances from the English and Scottish traditions whilst sneaking in one or two American Contra and European dances. My dance programmes are energetic, lively and occasionally somewhat silly.

I also call for Playford dances, and run the monthly Sheffield dance session ‘Playford in the Pub’.

I call with several bands, including Powerhouse, House Devils, Kraken Ceilidh Band, Monkey Box, Moon Carrot and Cadellin, and am happy to recommend bands for gigs.

Contact me at (delete the obvious!) for more information.