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Play Time: Acknowledging the backstage crew

So, my book, Play Time: Gender, anti-Semitism and temporality in medieval biblical drama,has gained a very pretty three-dimensional form! But rather than simply blowing my own trumpet (which I do regularly enough), I want to make like the Chester Mrs Noah, and acknowledge community rather than the individual. I am making […]

Unruly Woman Goes Live!

Thanks to technical wizardry, my ‘Unruly Woman’ story show will be streaming *live* from a house concert on:   Wednesday the 21st November, 20.00.   The stream will be visible from   We will aim to stream from about 15 minutes before the event starts, with some background music […]

Review: The Museum of Broken Relationships

6751 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Note: I wrote this review as a mini thought-piece back in September and then forgot about it.  Since then, we have had Weinstein and Spacey and #metoo.  Museums teach us more about the ‘now’ than we may realise at the time. **** My partner […]